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 NASA Fact
"Educator Astronaut Program"
NASA is recruiting Astronaut candidates with specific experience and expertise in K-12 education to connect space exploration with the classroom.

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Important News from SERCH
NASA's Broker program concluded in June 2007. For more information at NASA, go to or e-mail
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SERCH - Our Role as a NASA Science Mission Directorate Broker/Facilitator

SERCH is part of NASA's Science Mission Directorate education and public outreach "Support Network" (formerly known as the Ecosystem).

Using Space Science missions and research programs, the Support Network serves to enhance the public understanding of space science by incorporating lesson plans and NASA products into the education system.

SMD Network Map

Astronomical Search for Origins and
Planetary Systems
Space Telescope Science Institute
Point of Contact: Denise Smith
Phone Number: (410) 338-4434
New England Space Science Initiative in
Point of Contact: Cary Sneider
Phone Number: (617) 589-0227
Structure and Evolution of the
Universe (SEU)

Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory
Point of Contact: Roy Gould
Phone Number: (617) 496-7689
Mid-Atlantic RegionSpace Science Broker (MARSSB)
Point of Contact: Laurie Ruberg
Phone Number: (304) 243-2388
Solar System Exploration (SSE)
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Point of Contact: Leslie Lowes
Phone Number: (818) 393-7734
Southeast Regional Clearinghouse (SERCH)
Point of Contact: Cassandra Runyon
Phone Number: (843) 953-8279
Sun-Earth Connection (SEC) (East Coast)
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Point of Contact: Jim Thieman
Phone Number: (301) 286-9790
DePaul University (DU)
Point of Contact: Lynn Narasimhan
Phone Number: (773) 325-1854
Sun-Earth Connection (SEC) (West Coast)
University of California, Berkeley
Point of Contact: Isabel Hawkins
Phone Number: (510) 643-5662
South Central Organization of Researchers and Educators (SCORE)
Point of Contact: Stephanie Shipp
Phone Number: (281) 486-2109
  Space Science Network Northwest (S2N2)
Point of Contact: Julie Lutz
Phone Number: (206) 543-0214
  Space Science Institute (SSI)
Point of Contact: Cheri Morrow
Phone Number: (720) 974-5858


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