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Important News from SERCH
NASA's Broker program concluded in June 2007. For more information at NASA, go to or e-mail
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How to Get Involved:

I'm a member of an education/outreach organization interested in partnering with space scientists: how can the Broker/Facilitators assist me?

Follow These Steps
  Familiarize yourself with NASA Science Mission Directorate (SMD) missions and scientific themes by browsing their home page. + Visit site
  Consider how you or your organization can contribute to SMD goals and objectives in a high leverage fashion. It is essential to determine how scientists can participate in partnership with you.
  You may wish to review the National Science Education Standards for Earth and Science.
  Browse this directory of prospective education partners and let us know if we've missed including you.
  Identify the Broker(s) for your region(s) and let them know of your interests and capabilities.
  Your Broker(s) will assist you in making contact with researchers whose E/PO goals mesh with your interests and capabilities.


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  Last Updated: July 30, 2007

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