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NASA's Broker program concluded in June 2007. For more information at NASA, go to or e-mail
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Overview of the 2006-2007 Planetarium Learning & Teaching Opportunity (PLATO) Announcement

SERCH invites southeastern planetariums to promote astronomy/space science education through our Planetarium Learning and Teaching Opportunity (PLATO) grants. Seven awards of up to one thousand dollars each will be available to Southeastern Planetarium Association (SEPA) members and persons affiliated with SEPA member institutions within the SERCH region for projects that enhance the public's appreciation and understanding of astronomy and space science.

Modeled after our "sister" NASA SMD Broker/Facilitator, the DePaul Space Science Center for Education and Outreach, the PLATO grants are intended to benefit astronomy educators and the planetarium community within the SERCH region. Successful projects will increase the awareness and understanding of Earth-Sun system science, solar system research, universe exploration and will strengthen Earth/space science education throughout SEPA.

SERCH is particularly interested in proposals for education and outreach efforts that support NASA's vision and mission, NASA's Vision for Education, NASA's SMD goals and the Support Network Forums.

Furthermore, SERCH is interested in proposals for education and outreach efforts that support the Broker/Facilitator operating principles, which include:

Establishing strong and lasting partnerships between the Earth/space science and education communities.
Highly leveraged programs/projects, relying upon a multiplier effect to reach as many communities, educators and students as possible.
Being inclusive of the broadest possible audience. Activities that foster the meaningful participation of underserved/underrepresented groups are encouraged.

+ Download Full Announcement [PDF | DOC]
+ Complete Cover Letter [Online Submission]
   (Please print completed cover letter, provide signatures & attach to your proposal)
+ Download Blank Sample Budget Form [PDF | XLS]
+ Download Government Certifications [PDF]
*Note: Some of the above files require Adobe Acrobat Reader. It can be downloaded for from from the Adobe site at

Timetable for 2006-07 PLATO Grants

June 23, 2006

PLATO Announcement Released.

EXTENDED: September 1, 2006 Deadline for submitting proposal cover letter (including project summary) at the SERCH web page:
EXTENDED: September 1, 2006 Deadline for postmark of proposals.

Send to:
Southeast Regional Clearinghouse (SERCH)
College of Charleston
ATTN: Kathryn Guimond
81 St. Phillip Street, Bell Bldg. 202 B
Charleston, SC 29403

Note 1: Proposals received without the required number of copies (1 original plus 4 copies) will not be considered.

Note 2: Proposals received without the required signatures and corresponding documents (cover letter, budget summary and government certifications) will not be considered.
September 4, 2006 Send proposals to reviewers.
September 29, 2006 Deadline for submitting reviews/evaluations.
October 2, 2006 Award notifications sent to you and your state Space Grant office.
October 9, 2006 Anticipated start date of funded project.
October 16, 2006 Project description and pertinent contact information (name, email and project URL) for posting at the SERCH website due.
May 1, 2007 Final report due to SERCH. Reporting requirements will be sent to you via electronic mail.

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