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SNRG was first thought of and discussed at the SERCH Exceptional Space Science Materials for Exceptional Students Workshop II, in Huntsville, AL (2002).
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Special Needs Resource Group - SNRG (pronounced "synergy")

To provide SMD mission planners / principle investigators and product developers with guidance, support, and product enhancement strategies; hence improving the usability of SMD products by audiences concerned with the education of individuals with special needs.

- To raise a level of awareness for mission planners / principle investigators and product developers about
individuals with special needs;
- To form and maintain a network of educators and product developers who will continue to work together
to raise awareness of special needs educational materials;
- To provide direction in the formative stages of SMD product development including those SMD products
that have received 'exemplary status' from the SMD product review;
- To generate effective mechanisms for product modification:
> Develop a network of special needs educators, that may be utilized as beta-testers;
> Establish and maintain communication and ties with special needs resource providers,
professional societies and organizations (i.e., Council of Exceptional Children, American Foundation
for the Blind);
> Develop a handbook of 'best practices' for members of the NASA SMD Education Support Network;
- To provide professional development opportunities to SMD scientists and educational specialists;
- To provide an informational web site.

Meeting: April 10 - 12 2003
Members of SNRG met April 10-12, 2003 in Charleston, SC. The purpose of this meeting was to develop a strategic plan for the group's efforts. At this time members agreed upon the purpose and objectives of SNRG, became more familiar with their role in working with the SMD Support Network, and began developing a special needs initiative education plan.

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