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Tactile and Technology Focus Group

Due to the increased number of persons working specifically with space and Earth science content to develop tactile graphics and technology programs for persons who are blind/visually impaired, the Special Needs Resource Group (SNRG), along with colleagues working in this particular field, created a focus subgroup, TTFG. Through the formation of the TTFG, there has been a coordinated effort to eliminate duplication of products, enhance creation of new products, and centralize products that are and will be created.

TTFG releases several newsletters per year highlighting what members are doing and developing for persons who are blind/visually impaired. The volumes are listed below in both Word document/text and pdf formats, which require that you have Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat Reader. Reader can be downloaded at the Adobe Reader website.

+ Volume 1, Issue 1 [PDF | DOC]
+ Volume 1, Issue 2 [PDF | DOC]
+ Volume 1, Issue 3 [PDF | TXT]

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