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Important News from SERCH
NASA's Broker program concluded in June 2007. For more information at NASA, go to or e-mail
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ENWG is composed of educators and product developers interested in producing better NASA education materials for use in ALL learning environments, including special needs settings. This working group collaborates via listserv to share ideas, thoughts and announcements among the group. ENWG will include the Special Needs Resources Group (SNRG), formed during the ENWS II, in Huntsville, AL.

ENWG Mission Statement
The ENWG is committed to helping NASA's Science Mission Directorate and the new Education Enterprise to better understand and to prepare more effective and inspiring lesson plans that:
1. Track with the national science, mathematics, and technology standards and AAAS Benchmarks;
2. Implement the Universal Design best practices for learning that includes implementing research driven hands-on/minds-on learning, inquiry-based learning, addresses the needs of diverse learners and is applicable to multiple learning modalities;
3. Make science and math education easier to deliver in ways that are more effective and engaging to ALL students and simultaneously accommodate emergent inclusion needs derived from the No Child Left Behind laws.

ENWG Focus Groups
These educator-lead groups will work with the NASA Science Mission Directorate Education Support Network to help us better understand the needs of the students with disabilities, their families and the various learning environments in which our education materials will be used. Ultimate goal - SMD products will fit the user.
1. Learning Difficulties (SLD [specific learning disabilities], At-risk, other health impairments, emotional difficulties, autistic spectrum)
2. Visual Impairments
3. Auditory Impairments
4. Orthopedic/Multi-handicapped
5. Informal Applications

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