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Important News from SERCH
NASA's Broker program concluded in June 2007.
For more information at NASA, go to
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SERCH Recommends the Sites Below NASA SMD Sites Listed Below NASA Multimedia Sites Listed Below
Solar System: A tactile representation
The Solar System: A Tactile Representation
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Traditions of the Sun
Traditions of the Sun
+ View TOS site
Inside Einstein's Universe
Inside Einstein's Universe
+ View Einstein's Universe site
NASA Science Mission Directorate
NASA Science Mission Directorate
+ View SMD site
NASA Support Network
  NASA E/PO Support Network
+ View Network site
NASA Research Opportunities
  NASA Research Opportunities
+ View RO site
NASA Image Gallery
NASA Image Gallery
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NASA Video Gallery
  NASA Video Gallery
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NASA Multimedia Gallery
  NASA Multimedia Gallery
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SERCH Staff Listed Below SERCH Mailing Address Below

College of Charleston
Charleston, SC
Dr. Cassandra Runyon | Director
Kathryn Guimond | Program Manager
Cynthia Hall | Curriculum Coordinator

South Carolina State UniversityOrangeburg, SC
Dr. Linda Payne | Minority Coordinator
Dr. Don Walter | Minority Coordinator
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Mailing Address:

College of Charleston - SERCH
Lowcountry Hall of Science and Math
66 George Street
Charleston, SC 29424

Shipping Address:
College of Charleston - SERCH
81 St. Philip Street, Bell Building, Suite 202B
Charleston, SC 29403

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