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3 Goals of the Vision for Space Exploration: 1) scientific investigation of the Earth, Moon, Mars and beyond with emphasis on understanding the history of the solar system, searching for evidence of habitats for life on Mars, and preparing for future human exploration; 2) search for Earth-like planets and habitable environments around other stars; and 3) explore the solar system for scientific purposes and to support human exploration in order to ultimately establish a sustained "presence" throughout the solar system.
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NASA's Broker program concluded in June 2007. For more information at NASA, go to or e-mail
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SERCH/SCSU Strategic Approach

The SERCH/SCSU partnership will attempt to improve minority involvement in SMD programs through facilitating activities and connections among NASA, majority institutions, the space science community and the minority research and education community.

  SCSU is sponsoring numerous strategy sessions and gatherings of students and faculty members from minority institutions on topics related to SMD. Specific examples include a 3-day workshop for college faculty members on astronomical image processing and a 5-day credit course on space science for teachers in grades 6-12.
  SCSU is also working with SERCH and SMD staff members at NASA headquarters to modify an existing, large-format, photographic exhibit on African-Americans in Space Science. The modified version will be distributed in an inexpensive, tabletop exhibit more suitable for displaying at K-12 schools and small colleges.
  SCSU is directly facilitating the partnering of astrophysics researchers at major research institutions with their counterparts at minority universities. It is anticipated that in the near term this will lead to two or more proposals being submitted for time on the Hubble Space Telescope during Cycle 12.
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