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Important News from SERCH
NASA's Broker program concluded in June 2007. For more information at NASA, go to or e-mail
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Special Needs Material Modifications

We are always looking for ways to improve materials to better serve the Special Needs community. Below, you will see a series of reviews on particular materials. Each review suggests how to modify the material so that it will be more useful and accessible to students with Special Needs. Many of the activities below require that you have Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat Reader. Reader can be downloaded at the Adobe Reader website.

Best Practices: Top 10 List for Making Earth and Space Science Materials Accessible [pdf]
"Eye on the Sky" Lesson ( eyeonsky.pdf | eyeonsky.doc )
Hubble Space Telescope Deep Field Activity 1 ( hubbleactivity.pdf | hubbleactivity.doc )
Solar System Bead Distance Activity ( ssbead.pdf | ssbead.doc )
Solar System Jewelry Activity ( SolarSystemJewelry.pdf | SolarSystemJewelry.doc )
Sense(s) of Scale—Oreo Cookie Solar System ( SolarSystemOreo.pdf | SolarSystemOreo.doc )
Sense(s) of Scale—100 Yard Solar System ( SolarSystem100yd.pdf | SolarSystem100yd.doc )
Sense(s) of Scale—The Moon...Bigger than Life ( SolarSystemMoon.pdf | SolarSystemMoon.doc )
Braille Map of the Solar System [The mats can be ordered from NASA CORE. Keyword: Solar System Braille Map]


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